• Matt Roach - Contest Winner

Matt Roach of Chappaqua, NY wins the Jonathan Jackson + Enation guitar giveaway!

Jonathan Jackson + Enation Contest

Matt Roach of Chappaqua, NY, has been chosen winner of the Jonathan Jackson + Enation signed guitar giveaway contest. After we chose Matt randomly from the nearly 3000 entries, we found out he is also a pretty big fan too! So congratulations to Matt from Loud & Proud Records and Jonathan Jackson + Enation. Here is a little bit more about Matt. Enjoy the new signed guitar, Matt, and thanks for being a fan!

About Matt Roach

I was born in Texas where I grew up and went to college and grad school. I met my wife at SMU and we have two kids who are 8 and 5. I got my Master’s degree from Texas A&M in the field of computer graphics. Now, we live in New York where I work with Blue Sky Studios making animated feature films. I am an Effects Technical Director during the day. I make the clouds, waterfalls, dust and snow that you see in films like Ice Age, Rio, Epic, Horton Hears a Who, etc… In my free time, what little there is of it, I play the guitar and write. I have pretty eclectic taste in music, which explains my appreciation of Enation AND Metallica, Fall Out Boy, HIM, even J-Rock.

My JJ + Enation story

I first ran into Jonathan Jackson in college. My girlfriend (now wife) was an avid General Hospital fan since she grew up watching it with her grandparents. She introduced me to it and we ended up taping it everyday and watching it at night after class. When someone recommended Enation to me on Facebook, I immediately recognized Lucky Spencer and decided to give them a listen. The band names they checked in their bio made me a bit wary since I am not a fan of U2, Coldplay, Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, but their music was much fresher than their influences thankfully. I liked their sound quite a bit, and my wife thought it was cool to see what ‘Lucky’ was up to these days.

New Album Out October 14th

Jonathan Jackson + Enation release their new album, Radio Cinematic, October 14th from Loud & Proud Records. See their video below for “Everything Is Possible”

Everything Is Possible - Lyric Video


The single is available now for download everywhere. Buy the single “Everything Is Possible, from iTunes, Amazon MP3.


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